Rockhounding as a Hobby

Where to go & What to do if you love rocks

If you love rocks & minerals then there is lots that you and your family can do. Since we are located in Southern Ontario, the suggestions on this page are geared to our location. That does not mean however that you can't get ideas of what you can do if you live somewhere else.

Joining a Rock and Mineral Club click here

If you are interested in getting know more about the rockhounding hobby, it is good to join a local club or two. Not only will you learn lots but you will find many interesting people to share your interests with.

If you are looking for a Rock & Mineral Club in the TORONTO area, the ones we are associated with are:
Gem & Mineral Club of Scarborough and YTMC ~ Young Toronto Mineralogists Club for kids 8 to 15.


Rock, Gem, Mineral & Beading Shows click here

Many local Rock Clubs put on annual shows. Not only do you get to meet fellow rockhounds, but you can see many examples of local minerals. Most shows also have vendors from whom you can buy minerals. As well, most shows have activities geared towards kids and beginners. These shows are generally held at the same time each year so that you can mark the dates on your calendar well in advance and make your visit a family outing.

There are also commercial Gem shows and Beading & Jewellery shows that have items that are of interest to people in the hobby. For a listing of some of the annual shows accessible to Southern Ontario,click here.


Suppliers, Rock Shops, Stores for Hobbyists click here

Once you have been bitten by the "rock bug" you will find yourself looking for places to buy rocks or supplies related to the hobby. Although the Internet can be a great source for much online buying, we prefer to see things in person. For a list of supliers and rock shops, click here.


Museums and Great Displays related to Geology, Mining and Minerals click here

Most museums have rocks, minerals, fossils and artifacts made of precious gems and materials. If you can, try to go see these museums in person. If not, check out their virtual online tours and picture galleries. To see a list of museums and displays in Ontario and nearby, click here.


Seeing Rocks Outdoor within reach of Southern Ontario click here

Seeing rocks in nature is probably the best way to get hooked on how cool they really are! Rocks were meant to be touched and if you're lucky - climbed on!:-) For places to go, click here.


Collecting Rocks, Minerals and Fossils click here

Collecting rocks is like any other hobby that involves collecting. It can be done by buying specimens or it can be done by collecting rocks and minerals where they aoccur in nature. For a bit more information on how to go about doing this, click here.


Experiments with Rocks and Minerals click here

There are many neat experiments that can be done with rocks and minerals. Even crystals can be grown at home. For a few activities that might interest a beginner, click here.


Rockhounding as a Hobby

1 Joining a Rock Club

2 Gem & Mineral Shows

3 Suppliers, Rock Shops

4 Museums

5 Rocks Outdoors

6 Collecting Rocks

7 Experiments