Joining a Rock and Mineral Club in Southern Ontario

If you are interested in getting know more about the rockhounding hobby, it is good to join a local club or two. Not only will you learn lots but you will find many interesting people to share your interests with.

Many of the clubs listed below have monthly meetings, annual auctions, shows and field trips that you might be interested in attending. The annual membership fees are very reasonable.

Most of these clubs are oriented towards adults and often the meetings are too late for young kids. However the clubs welcome young families and often will offer activities for young people if there is interest from their members.

Many rockhounds belong to multiple clubs in order to keep informed and meet new friends. Sometimes it is nice to know what other clubs are active within driving & or collecting range. It is possible to make contacts with other club members and get to know other collecting locations better.

  • Bancroft Gem & Mineral Club
  • Barrie Gem & Mineralogical Society
  • Brampton Rock & Mineral Club (GTA)
  • Brantford Lapidary & Mineral Society
  • Kawartha Rock & Fossil Club - Peterborough
  • Kitchener-Waterloo Gem & Mineral Club - Waterloo
  • Kingston Lapidary & Mineral Club
  • London Gem & Mineral Society
  • Niagara Peninsula Geological Society - St. Catherines
  • Nipissing Lapidary & Mineral Club - North Bay
  • North York Faceting Guild (GTA)
  • Ottawa Lapsmith & Mineral Club
  • Oxford County Geological Society - Woodstock
  • Prince Edward County Rock, Gem & Mineral Club
  • Sarnia Rock & Fossil Club
  • Scarborough - Gem & Mineral Club of Scarborough (GTA)
  • Sudbury Rock & Lapidary Society
  • Toronto - The Walker Mineralogical Club (GTA)
  • Toronto - YTMC ~ Young Toronto Mineralogists Club - for kids 9 to 15 (GTA) This is the best club for really keen kids.

Many rockhounds belong to more than one club. Although they may be most active in their “home” club, they join other clubs to take part in more activities. Many people new to the hobby ask about where to go for field trips. One strategy is to join a club that is located in an area that has interesting rocks and has an active field trip program.

Why join a club?

Because you can learn about and meet people who know about ...












Young Toronto Mineralogists Club for kids 8 to 15.


The Central Canadian Federation of Mineralogical Societies

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