Online Links & Print Resources

PRINT RESOURCES for Rockhounds

Although the Internet is awesome, there is nothing like a reference book on Rocks & Minerals. Reading about rocks & minerals in print is fantastic. There is nothing like having a reference book open beside you as you examine a mineral or plan a trip with a roadmap. For a listing of some of the PRINT RESOURCES we have found useful, click here.



FaceBook Groups

There are many FB groups online who talk about rocks and minerals and post great pictures. These are just a few that we know of.

  • The Community
  • Lapidary Equipment Marketplace
  • Mineral Specimen Cleaning and Preparation

Web Sites For Rockhounds

The Internet is a great way for people to meet other people who have similar interests.

Mindat This web site is excellent. Find local collecting places by using the database.

Bob's Rock Shop: The best web site for beginning Rockhounds! Maintained by Bob Keller, Bob's Rock Shop, USA.

The Fascinating World of Minerals - The young people site of the Mineralogical Association of Canada

Your Planet Earth - A British site sponsored by The Geologists' Association and Shell with PowerPoint presentation on topics studied in school. These "talks" include topics such as volcanoes, dinosaurs, natural hazards, plate tectonics and climate change.


Rock & Mineral Photos

The best way to see rocks & minerals is up close and personal. Rocks are neat to have - so that you can look at them and touch them whenever you feel like it. But there are so many interesting rocks & minerals in the world that it is impossible to collect them all - your house just isn't big enough! That is why it is great to look at pictures of rocks & minerals. Many rock lovers have put pictures of rocks & minerals on their web sites. Here are a few you should check out.

Amethyst Gallery Inc.  is a mineral dealer. This site has many photographs of minerals.

Atlas of Igneous & Metamorphic Rocks Superb photos of thin sections of rocks to demonstrate variety of textures. Maintained by University of North Carolina, USA as part of "Virtual Geology" project.

Cochise College Geology Home Page This educational site has thousands of stunning photographs of rocks & minerals. A very well organized site that is easy to use. Maintained by R. Weller - a geology instructor.

Dakota Matrix Minerals This site has a Mineral Photo Database and Identification Guide called Mineralpedia

International Colored Gemstone Association This site has a lot of information and pictures of gemstones.

John Betts Fine Minerals is a mineral dealer. John is an avid rockhound. This site is very informative. The photographs are sorted by images so that you don't need to know what a mineral is called to find a mineral you like the look of. Just click on the image and you will find out what it is called.

Ken's Fluorescent Minerals Superb photos. Photos of minerals taken when they are under fluorescent lights. Maintained by Kenneth Colosky, fluorescent mineral collector  online mineralogy database This is a fabulous web site with information contributed by real live rockhounds - even some people we know!;-) It may seem too technical for some but is fantastic for finding out what minerals & site locations are within our collecting area (GTA based) because rockhounds from here are posting articles.

Mineral Information Institute is a national USA not-for-profit organization dedicated to educating youth about the science of minerals and other natural resources, and about their importance in our every day lives. A super easy site to use. Click on the photo and you will get to a page that shows you photos of the mineral, describes it & tells you what the mineral is used for. Common Minerals and their Uses