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Source: Vanuatu Tourism


Welcome to an adventure in learning.
In this WebQuest, you will have the chance to learn about volcanoes using the Internet as your window to the world.


Source: AEG - Association of Environmental & Engineering Geologists

This Volcano WebQuest will be your guide.
It will guide you on a
Journey through the WorldWideWeb.

If you arrived at this site on your own, don't turn away. Come on in. There are many interesting things to learn about volcanoes. You are probably interested in volcanoes or you wouldn't be surfing the web looking for information. Use the links from this site to go to where you want to go. This site is written for kids 9 to 99! As long as you think big explosions and oozing magma are interesting, then you are in the right place.

If you're the kind of person who likes to dive right into something before you find out what is expected, that's OK too. Take a look at our LINKS & RESOURCES, poke about and get your feet wet before you join the rest of this WebQuest.

If you arrived here because you are studying volcanoes in school - GREAT! You next step is to go to find out your TASK. Once you have done that, read about the PROCESS. And of course you know that teachers always mark everything ;-), so you might as well take a look at EVALUATION. When you are all done, take a look at our CONCLUSION to see if you have learned some of the things that we hoped that you would.

If you are a teacher looking to see if this Volcano WebQuest would be suitable for your students, then take a look at TEACHER PAGE.








Written by E. Berndl  2007


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